Here's some info about us.

"The way music affects human psychology has fascinated me for years. This inspired the creation of a networking system with music as its core: Socialmob. In the long run, we aim to make it a perfect sustainable content delivery network which bridges the gap between creation and consumption."

- Aghin Johnson, CEO

Socialmob offers people from various parts of the world a platform to share their ideas, interests, and passions. A place where they unite as one regardless of their locational or cultural barriers; where this bond is founded on their zest for music, knowledge, and their love for creating meaningful connections. Here you will meet kindred spirits and also people with different perspectives, both of which will help you expand your outlook on all things in life. By providing this platform to learn, play, and form strong communities, we hope to invite change into the world around us, empowering mobbers to do so via the mobs they create or find. A powerful change, for a better world.